Welcome to Tactile Hair Dogs!
a subsidiary of Minkey, Inc.
Does your Date
  • dog you for losing your hair?
  • paw all the other guys . . totally ignoring you?
  • bitch and complain you aren't the stud you once looked like?
There is no longer a need be ashamed of an enhanced forehead. With a Tactile Hair Dog your date will always have a luxourious scalp to run her fingers through on long walkies.
"Bringing hair to the fingertips of America"

Why Tactile Hair Dogs?

For years, the blind have been provided with seeing eye dogs. Bald people meanwhile, have been religated to relying on dangerous drugs with unpredictable side effects in the hopes of regrowing some hair. Well, those days are over. Our specially trained and impecably groomed Tactile Hair Dogs are just the answer America has been howling for!
Also, ask about our complete line of Tactile Hair Dog spray. Train your new hair to behave like it is indoors on even the windiest of days!

Tactile Hair Dogs
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