Welcome to MPB!
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Are you . .

  • tired of searching for a secluded spot to have that intimate conversation with your favorite 976 operator?
  • sick of listening to other people's inane telephone conversations on trains and busses?
  • infuriated by seemingly insane people talking loudly in public, only to later realize they are on the phone to Aunt Marge about the latest compote recipe?
  • a superhero who is fed with having to change into your cape and leotards in back alleys in order to protect your secret identity?
  • in need of a gift idea for that rude, obnoxious and loquacious jabber-box in your life?
Your answer is here! The new Mobile Phone Booth is here! That's right - with this invention, people no longer need to seek privacy - they can carry it with them! Just pop open the Mobile Phone Booth and talk away without worry of being rude or conspicous by talking on the phone in public! And for that person in your life who doesn't seem to understand that no one wants to listen in on their conversations about the weather, the Mobile Phone Booth makes a great gift!!
not affiliated with Cone-of-Silence, Ltd.

The Mobile Phone Booth is:
  • Completely portable (a little red wagon option is available for convenient toting)
  • Available in a multitude of colors (so long as you define "one" as a multitude)
  • Compatable with all cell phones and all cell phone service providers
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